Chef Julianne


Personal Chef Julianne has been creating in the kitchen since she was a child. Her two grandmothers first taught her to make pie crust and tortillas. She received her first cookbook, Time/Life French Cooking, for her 10th birthday and the many adventures with soufflés and sauces began.

She spent her years as a mom making everything from scratch from baby food to yogurt to bread. These same years were spent in a few foreign countries/territories and several states, learning about unfamiliar ingredients, techniques and ideas about food.

In 2011, having completed her mom job (when her youngest child graduated from college), Julianne enrolled in the culinary program at Santa Fe Community College. The timing was fortuitous, as the economy drove several stellar chefs to teach a few courses there as well as the outstanding chefs that have been there for a while.

While at SFCC, Julianne was chosen to be part of a small group that traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico for a week to study cooking with Susanna Trilling at Seasons of My Heart cooking school. She also did the early morning bake off of pastries for the student run café for several months.

Julianne graduated in May 2013 with an AAS in Culinary Arts (Professional Chef concentration) as well as a Certificate of Patisserie. In January of 2014 she completed the Personal Chef Course with the Culinary Business Academy.

Julianne has her ServSafe Certificate , Nutrition Certificate and Purchasing Certificate from the National Restaurant Association. She is a member of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) and she carries USPCA General Liability Insurance.

Chef Julianne stands ready and waiting to meet with you and create meals so that you can enjoy a Simply Delicious, Dinner at Home.


Chef Gilbert


Personal Chef Gilbert will be the first to admit that he honed his specialty, white chocolate triple sec cheesecake, to impress girls as a teenager. And while the strategy worked famously well into his career as a father of three, it was clear from a much earlier age that he would have a lifelong passion for the art of cooking. As a child, he was captivated by a front-page magazine photo of an omelette, and with the focus of an obsessed eight-year-old, set about his mother's kitchen to recreate it.

He spent his years as a father packing his girls' lunches through a system of laminated menus for daily, made-to-order gourmet salads and sandwiches. He was persistent and passionate about introducing them to a wide variety of cultural styles, flavors and textures, from oysters and escargot to sancocho, a traditional Caribbean root stew, and fiery hot Jerk chicken. When his full-time career limited his daily culinary pursuits, he always found time to channel his sense of fun and drama into spectacular and extravagant, multi-course holiday dinners.

After retiring from a 32-year career with the U.S. Forest Service, he followed in the footsteps of his wife and pursued his passion and enrolled in the culinary program at Santa Fe Community College.